‘Excel for Epidemiologists’ is Huge Success




Participants used these terms and more to describe “Excel for Epidemiologists”, a workshop hosted by Cal STAPH on October 15.

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Gail Sondermeyer presented her excel tricks of the trade, many of which she uses on a daily basis as an epidemiologist in the Disease Investigations Section, Infectious Diseases Branch at the California Department of Public Health.

Attendees followed along as Gail discussed common data cleaning and analysis functions, conditional formatting, pivot tables and combo bar/line plots.

Excel for Epi Blog Graph

Her detailed, and beautifully organized instructional file can be downloaded here.

We hope that future public health practitioners will be able to use this information to avoid the agony so often associated with manipulating data in excel.

Just remember, beware of leading zeros.

-Amy Alabaster, Epi MPH ’15

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